Humane Society of the United States Works to End Puppy Mills


Puppy Mills pic
Puppy Mills

Certified bookkeeper Owen Sinclair has helped manage the budgets of several organizations in the New York Area. In his personal life, Owen Sinclair is a long-time dog lover with an interest in supporting the work of animal welfare organizations such as the Humane Society of the United States.

In its efforts to end animal cruelty worldwide, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) oversees a variety of campaigns, including one focused on closing puppy mills and rescuing dogs that have been bred or raised in such facilities. Because puppy mills are subject to minimal regulation, much of HSUS’ work in this area is directed toward promoting legislative changes that would address humane care issues in large-scale breeding facilities.

Additionally, HSUS promotes public awareness and education about puppy mills and works to recognize anti-puppy mill advocates working in communities nationwide. Each year before Valentine’s Day, the organization awards 14 individuals its Advocates We Love Awards, which are given to those who have rescued dogs, organized events, helped pass local laws, or contributed to its Puppy Mills Campaign in other ways.

HSUS recently announced the names of the 2017 Advocates We Love Award winners on its Facebook page. To find a link to the page and learn more about HSUS’ efforts to improve commercial animal care, visit


Humane Society’s Animal Rescue Team Saves 23 Dogs and Puppies

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Humane Society

Owen Sinclair, a financial consultant residing in Oceanside, New York, has expressed an interest in volunteering for the Humane Society. As a dog lover, Owen Sinclair is interested in supporting the Humane Society because of the work its does in rescuing dogs and other abused and neglected animals through its Animal Rescue Team.

Working with law enforcement to seek out and investigate cases of animal cruelty, the Humane Society’s Animal Rescue Team saves thousands of animals every year. An example of the team’s accomplishments was a rescue made on January 10, 2014, when the Rescue Team saved 23 dogs from a suspected puppy mill in Alexander County, North Carolina.

The team found and rescued the 23 dogs and puppies, as well as one parrot, after being called in by Alexander County to assist in the rescue and removal of the animals. The animals had no access to food or clean water, and many were suffering from skin and eye conditions. They were transported safely to a temporary emergency animal shelter to receive veterinary treatment.

The Humane Society has started a pledge, which can be found on its official website, to stop puppy mills like this one. By signing the pledge, individuals promise to never buy pets or pet supplies from a pet store or Internet site that sells puppies, and to always consider adoption first.

New York Mets Mentors Promote Reading and Life Skills

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Power Lunch

Bookkeeper Owen Sinclair has worked for several organizations in the New York area over the course of his career. Also interested in sports, Owen Sinclair supports the New York Mets and hopes to someday attend the team’s spring training in Florida.

The Mets sponsor community outreach programs, such as Power Lunches, offered in partnership with Read Ahead, which matches mentors with fourth- and fifth-grade students at PS 92. Children in these grades are at a crucial level in which they can further develop literacy.

Volunteers from all parts of the Mets club set aside an hour a week to have lunch with participants. Sharing a book and a sandwich is just the beginning. They talk about their lives and their future plans for personal and academic success. Over 300 students and some 100 Mets have taken part in the program in 15 years.

Read Ahead has demonstrated that Power Lunch students improve their attendance in classes, enhance their reading comprehension, and gain confidence. Many come to enjoy reading as its own reward.

In addition to the lunch meetings, the Mets organize events such as the Reading Rally Day, in which players address the student body. The team also invites the entire fourth and fifth grades to Citi Stadium for a game. Power Lunch children spend a Shadow Day at the stadium, learning about their mentors’ jobs.