Popular Tourist Destinations In Alaska

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A graduate from the University of Pennsylvania with a bachelor of arts, Owen Sinclair performs independent financial consulting while seeking a more permanent role in the field. Owen Sinclair also cares for his elderly mother and is planning a trip to Alaska which he’ll take when the opportunity arises.

Alaska offers a number of destinations that are unlike anything in the lower 48 states. One of these places is Anchorage, a location which may not meet your expectations of a very cold place. The average temperature in summer is only around 65 degrees. These conditions are excellent for sight-seeing, including exploring the fjords of Prince William Sound, or trying something distinctively Alaskan, such as arctic biking. During winter you can try dog sledding or cross-country skiing.

Juneau is another popular tourist destination and is situated between the Gastineau Channel and the base of Mount Juneau. The state capital can serve as a starting point for a tour into the stunning wilderness of Alaska. This tour could include going kayaking, fishing, glacier hiking, and whale-watching.

One would also not be disappointed going to Seward, a charming little town with the title of “Gateway to Kenai Fjords National Park.” Once at the national park you can see beautiful tidewater glaciers, abundant wildlife, and captivating fjords.


Tips on Planning an Alaskan Cruise

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Alaskan Cruise
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Financial professional Owen Sinclair spent many years in budget and data analysis in New York and served the Nassau County Office of Management & Budget as deputy budget director. Now providing financial assistance as an independent consultant, Owen Sinclair plans to take a cruise to Alaska in his leisure time.

Those planning a cruise to Alaska will want to start looking early. Booking at least a year in advance can help save you thousands of dollars and also ensure you will not miss the cruise you want because they tend to fill up quickly. The cruise season lasts from May through September with the most popular (and more expensive) months being June through August.

The best time to go depends upon what you wish to see. Summer months are the warmest, but they also the rainiest. Although May can be driest, the ground may still have snow on it. The Northern Lights appear most in September, but the Gulf of Alaska will have choppier waters and Denali National Park may close early due to snowfall.

Once you decide when to go and book your cruise to Alaska, consider whether you may wish to spend additional time in the region. Spending time ashore before or after your cruise provides an additional perspective on life in Alaska.