Former Mets Catcher Mike Piazza Earns Place in Hall of Fame

Mike Piazza pic
Mike Piazza

Owen Sinclair has gained more than a decade of experience in financial bookkeeping through his work with such entities as the Police Athletic League and the Nassau County of Management and Budget. A native of New York, Owen Sinclair supports a number of the state’s sports teams, particularly the New York Mets.

Recently, the New York Mets announced that the team’s former offensive catcher Mike Piazza has earned a place in the prestigious MLB Hall of Fame. The player has appeared on the ballot of potential inductees for the last four years, but previously fell short of the number of votes needed from the Baseball Writers’ Association of America. Out of the 440 total members, each inducted player must receive at least 75 percent of the vote to earn admission into the Hall. During this year’s election, Piazza successfully earned 83 percent of all votes.

Known to many as baseball’s greatest power-hitting catcher, Piazza spent most of his 16-year baseball career playing for the Mets and the Dodgers. At the time of his retirement, he celebrated over 2,100 total hits and 427 home runs. Along with fellow inductee Ken Griffey, Jr., Piazza will receive induction into the Hall during a ceremony in Cooperstown, New York, on July 24, 2016.


Sousa Mendes Foundation Publishes Graphic Novel

Sousa Mendes Foundation pic
Sousa Mendes Foundation

The holder of an MBA degree from Baruch College, Owen Sinclair recently served as a bookkeeper for the Sousa Mendes Foundation. In this capacity, Owen Sinclair kept track of donations to the New York-based organization.

The Sousa Mendes Foundation exists to preserve the legacy of and to educate the public about the deeds of Aristides de Sousa Mendes, whose actions as the Portuguese consul in Bordeaux, France, in 1940 saved around 30,000 people from the Nazis.

Sousa Mendes had been forbidden by Antonio de Oliveira Salazar, the Nazi-affiliated leader of Portugal, from issuing visas to people fleeing the invading Nazi army, yet he chose to do so anyway. As a result, he saved many lives, but was also stripped of his diplomatic job by Salazar and forced into bankruptcy and disgrace in Portugal.

Recently, the Sousa Mendes Foundation published a graphic novel about Mendes and his actions that that saved so many refugees, including at least 10,000 who were Jewish. The graphic novel is 36 pages long and contains color illustrations. It is meant to educate young readers about Sousa Mendes, and has photographs of him and some of the people he saved. The graphic novel was featured in an article in the spring 2015 edition of Prism, a scholarly journal about educational issues relating to the Holocaust.

New York Mets Mentors Promote Reading and Life Skills

Power Lunch pic
Power Lunch

Bookkeeper Owen Sinclair has worked for several organizations in the New York area over the course of his career. Also interested in sports, Owen Sinclair supports the New York Mets and hopes to someday attend the team’s spring training in Florida.

The Mets sponsor community outreach programs, such as Power Lunches, offered in partnership with Read Ahead, which matches mentors with fourth- and fifth-grade students at PS 92. Children in these grades are at a crucial level in which they can further develop literacy.

Volunteers from all parts of the Mets club set aside an hour a week to have lunch with participants. Sharing a book and a sandwich is just the beginning. They talk about their lives and their future plans for personal and academic success. Over 300 students and some 100 Mets have taken part in the program in 15 years.

Read Ahead has demonstrated that Power Lunch students improve their attendance in classes, enhance their reading comprehension, and gain confidence. Many come to enjoy reading as its own reward.

In addition to the lunch meetings, the Mets organize events such as the Reading Rally Day, in which players address the student body. The team also invites the entire fourth and fifth grades to Citi Stadium for a game. Power Lunch children spend a Shadow Day at the stadium, learning about their mentors’ jobs.

Characteristics of the Airedale Terrier

Airedale Terrier pic
Airedale Terrier

A certified bookkeeper, Owen Sinclair has served some 15 years as a financial services professional, most recently for the Sousa Mendes Foundation of Oceanside, New York. Owen Sinclair also enjoys dogs, and his family once owned an Airedale terrier.

Airedales are known for their plentiful energy. They are best suited to homes with a large enclosed back yard, in which they can run and play for most of the day. (Apartment living is not recommended for Airedales.) As natural hunters with busy intellects, Airedales like outdoor games such as hide-and-seek and fetching.

The dogs make good family pets, as they love to play with children. They are protective of their humans, making them fine watchdogs. However, if small children are present, obedience training is necessary to prevent these alpha dogs from dominating them.

As with other terriers, Airedales like to bark at and chase moving objects. Owners should make sure Airedales obey a basic no-bark command at an early age, and they should give the command with firmness and confidence. Obedient Airedales can use their innate intelligence and agility to learn a variety of tricks.