The New York Mets and The Wright Thing

The Wright Thing pic
The Wright Thing

A finance professional who recently served as a budget manager and bookkeeper for the Police Athletic League in New York, Owen Sinclair has experience in budgeting, comprehensive accounting, and project management. An avid baseball fan, Owen Sinclair follows the New York Mets.

Involved in numerous community outreach initiatives, the New York Mets and the team’s third baseman, David Wright, launched The Wright Thing in 2015. During its first season, The Wright Thing recognized volunteers who made notable contributions to communities affected by Hurricane Sandy.

For the 2016-2017 baseball season, The Wright Thing will celebrate local heroes of the NYPD with their program. Wright’s father served on the Norfolk police force for 30 years, and The Wright Thing honors his father as well as all those who serve in law enforcement.

Once selected, honorees are invited to Citi field to meet David Wright and install third base with the grounds crew prior to a Mets game. Afterwards, they can enjoy the game from third base line seats and watch their recorded encounter with David Wright as it airs on the stadium’s big screen during the game.


New York Mets to Celebrate Mike Piazza During Special July Weekend

Mike Piazza pic
Mike Piazza

A certified bookkeeper with experience working for a variety of organizations, Owen Sinclair currently serves as an independent financial consultant in Oceanside, New York. Outside of his professional pursuits, Owen Sinclair enjoys cheering on New York-area sports teams, especially the New York Mets.

This summer, the New York Mets community will celebrate former Mets player Mike Piazza during Mike Piazza Weekend, which will take place July 29-31, 2016, at Citi Field. Piazza, a catcher who played with the Mets for eight of his 16 years in professional baseball, will be inducted into the Major League Baseball (MLB) Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York, in July. The Mets organization will mark the event during the weekend-long celebration with fan giveaways on July 29th and 31st and a pregame ceremony to retire his number on July 30th.

An impressive slugger, Piazza left the MLB in 2007 with a .308 career batting average, 427 homers, and 1,335 RBIs. Although he played his first several seasons with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Piazza has a special allegiance to the Mets, and he will enter the Hall of Fame with the team’s cap on his plaque. When he’s inducted, Piazza will join Tom Seaver as the only other Met in Cooperstown.

New York Mets Highlight Strong Start by Pitcher Matt Harvey

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New York Mets

With a master of business administration in finance from Baruch College, Owen Sinclair has spent a number of years working as a bookkeeper and accountant. Owen Sinclair balances his professional endeavors with a variety of other interests, such as supporting his favorite sports team, the New York Mets.

The New York Mets recently reported on Matt Harvey’s impressive pitching performance during the team’s shutout win over the Miami Marlins. Harvey not only registered a 97 mph fastball in the Spring Training game, but he also delivered a 91-mph slider against Christian Yelich. According to the Mets, Harvey has been working on his slider for months.

During the game against the Marlins, Harvey focused on standing more upright on the mound and increasing his extension, the latter of which enabled him to generate additional snap on his throws. Mets manager Terry Collins noted that the team is happy with Harvey’s progress.

New York Mets Mentors Promote Reading and Life Skills

Power Lunch pic
Power Lunch

Bookkeeper Owen Sinclair has worked for several organizations in the New York area over the course of his career. Also interested in sports, Owen Sinclair supports the New York Mets and hopes to someday attend the team’s spring training in Florida.

The Mets sponsor community outreach programs, such as Power Lunches, offered in partnership with Read Ahead, which matches mentors with fourth- and fifth-grade students at PS 92. Children in these grades are at a crucial level in which they can further develop literacy.

Volunteers from all parts of the Mets club set aside an hour a week to have lunch with participants. Sharing a book and a sandwich is just the beginning. They talk about their lives and their future plans for personal and academic success. Over 300 students and some 100 Mets have taken part in the program in 15 years.

Read Ahead has demonstrated that Power Lunch students improve their attendance in classes, enhance their reading comprehension, and gain confidence. Many come to enjoy reading as its own reward.

In addition to the lunch meetings, the Mets organize events such as the Reading Rally Day, in which players address the student body. The team also invites the entire fourth and fifth grades to Citi Stadium for a game. Power Lunch children spend a Shadow Day at the stadium, learning about their mentors’ jobs.